To be able to use PayPal in our Whitelabel Fileservice platform, you need to create a PayPal app. This way, our platform is able to send payments through PayPal.

To be able to receive PayPal payments through the Chiptuning Reseller Whitelabel Portal, you need to setup a PayPal app that grants our platform access to your PayPal.

This makes it possible to Chiptuning Reseller to create payments on behalf of your PayPal account.

Setup your PayPal credentials

  1. To be able to create an app for PayPal you need to have a developer account. You can do this by logging into PayPal first, and then visit:
  2. When you have a developer account, you need to create a PayPal app. You can do this by visiting the following URL:
  3. Once you have setup a test app, please send your accountmanager the Sandbox and Live credentials (client_id and secret) so we can set this up for you.

Chiptuning Reseller - Whitelabel File Service

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  • Whitelabel fileservice
  • Start from € 5 per file
  • Low set-up fees
  • Free data updates
  • PayPal gateway
  • Multiple currencies
  • Custom templates
  • Automatic responders
  • Ticket support system