Send SMS notifications to your customers!

To make it easier for your customers to see wether they have a new tuning file, or a response to a ticket, you can now send SMS messages to them! If you have a Plivo account, you can add the details in your portal, and then start sending SMS messages. Also, you can send SMS...
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Improved mass-migrator

Upgrade your own database, a lot of new data with just one mouse click! Our database is updated frequently and of course you’d want this new data (with stages, engines, models etc) in your own database. That’s where the migrator comes into action. But the migrator has a new feature; mass-migrating. Just click the check...
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Update CRM system – new data delivery

Keep your database up-to-date easily! No account yet? Contact us!
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Update WordPress plugin

Version 1.8.0 has been released. This update contains the following: Improved code / cleanup Added RDW (Dutch) license plate functionality   Go to your WordPress installation, select plugins and then update the plugin to see the new functionalities. If you have trouble updating, please remove the plugin first and then re-install it. Please remember your...
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Add YouTube, Vimeo and other information to stages

Boost your customer-experience with multimedia functionalities
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